Our Beer

We have a few beers in our core range that we make over and over again because people keep telling us they are awesome. Then we also like to be a bit more creative.

You may have tasted our Berry Brownie, which is full of raspberries, there was also Thai de Laksa which was basically a laksa in a beer and there's also the story about the Van da Tsar vanilla ice cream float we did once.

If you want some of our beer on at your bar or venue just email us at info [at] baylandsbrewery.co.nz.

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350 SPA

Style: Session Pale Ale

3.5% alc.by vol.

Description: A sessionable pale ale with lots of flavour. Plenty of hops keep things interesting and give this brew a nice crisp finish. Perfect for warm summer afternoons. Available in 330ml, 6packs and kegs.


450 XPA

Style: Xtra Pale Ale

4.5% alc.by vol.

Description: A super fruity beer, light in the body and colour with a crisp refreshing finish.  Available in 330ml, 6packs and kegs.


550 APA

Style: American Pale Ale

5.5% alc.by vol.

Description: A very hoppy beer with heaps of flavour aimed at hop loving beer drinkers.  Available in 330ml, 6packs and kegs.


650 IPA

Style: West Coast IPA

6.5% alc.by vol.

Description: 650 is the area code for San Francisco and this beer is 6.5% abv. This punchy West Coast style IPA is dry-hopped twice for big aroma. It's a riot of hops!  Available in 330ml, 6packs and kegs.


Britannia Bitter

Style: Best Bitter

4.5% alc.by vol.

Description: A true to style bitter using a quartet of malts and hops to create an incredibly sessionable English bitter. Available keg or handpull.


Woodrow’s Veto

Style: India Pale Ale

7.0% alc.by vol.

Description: A big fruity IPA that’s loaded with American hops.  Named in honour of Woodrow Wilson who tried, unsuccessfully, to veto the Prohibition bill.  Available in 330ml, 500ml and kegs.


Night Ryder

Style: Chocolate Rye Stout

5.7% alc.by vol.

Description: A big, bold, bitter mouthful of chocolate and rye in this stout. Available in 330ml, Handpull and kegs.


Petone Pale Ale

Style: Pale Ale

5.0% alc.by vol.

Description: Petone Pale ale was the first beer created in our new brewery in Petone. A combination of American hops and the finest New Zealand and British malts make this beer a true multi-cultural flavour experience. Available in 330ml can, 500ml bottle and kegs.


Denali Danger Zone

Style: American Pale Ale

6.0% alc.by vol.

Description: Named after the highest peak in North America. Denali promises rich pineapple and citrus flavours and a lingering peppery and piney finish. Available in 330ml bottle and kegs.


Party Pils

Style: New Zealand Pilsner

5.0% alc.by vol.

Description: Our New Zealand pilsner, fruity, crisp and incredibly drinkable. Available in 330ml bottle and kegs.




Slackline Sour - Boysenberry

Style: Fruit Gose

4.0% alc.by vol.

Description: Our kettle soured fruit gose. Beautifully balanced with Himalayan pink sea salt and boysenberries. Available in 330ml bottle and kegs.


Aurora Amber

Style: US Amber Ale

5.8% alc.by vol.

Description: American style Amber ale. Super tasty, easy drinking. Nice biscuit malts with copious amounts of El Dorado and Mosaic hops. Available in keg only.


Berry Brownie

Style: Brown Porter

7.0% alc.by vol.

Description: Imperial brown porter aged on Raspberries. Available in keg and handpull only.


Waifly 5

Style: Fresh Hop IPA

6.5% alc.by vol.

Description: 2018 Frsh hop IPA with Nelson Sauvin. Available in keg only.


Van da Tsar

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

9.5% alc.by vol.

Description: Tia maria in a glass? Van da Tsar is a Russian Imperial stout aged on Hellila vanilla pod. Deliciously sweet, creamy and decandant. Available in 500ml bottle.


Glasgow Slasher

Style: American Barleywine

12.0% alc.by vol.

Description: A yearly release of our American Barleywine. First brewed to celebrate 21 years of an absolute icon of the Wellington beer scene, Malthouse. Glasgow Slasher is a big bold barleywine featuring 21 malts and a ridiculous volume of US hops.  Available in 500ml bottle.


 If you want to know where we are currently on tap check out the Now Pouring page on the Craft Beer Capital website.http://www.craftbeercapital.com/now-pouring